We translate our experience into solutions for our clients.

This aim is the central thread of the company’s philosophy and that of our staff and is the cornerstone for establishing enduring active business collaborations with our clients.

About Us

To achieve the excellence of our services, Montserrat has specialized in the sectors of high consumption, and especially dry food.

Similarly, Montserrat has located its operational centres in the best communication areas, with access to large consumption centres in the provinces of Barcelona and Tarragona.


Added value

We offer elements of competitiveness to our clients that allow them to improve the quality of their processes and the differentiation of their products and services.


With the aim of translating our experience into solutions adapted to the realities and needs of each of our clients.


Fast and effective answers. Service 24 hours a day. Distribution and deliveries just in time.


New technologies which offer information in real time on loads,unloads,the movement of merchandise in our warehouses and stock inventories.

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Logística y transporte en el Penedès

Logistics and transport Penedès

For many years, logistics has been a key factor for the growth of companies. The objective of logistics is to simplify and optimize the processes of transport and storage of products, so that they reach customers on time and in perfect conditions. At Transports Montserrat, we understand the importance of logistics for the growth of…

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Operador logístico a medida - Transportes Montserrat Barcelona

Customized logistics operator – Transportes Montserrat Barcelona

We are specialized in logistics, particularly storage, transportation, and distribution. We control and manage all the processes of the supply chain, from the receipt of goods to their final delivery. We strive to be efficient in everything we do to ensure that our customers are satisfied.   Our logistics network is equipped with pallet racking…

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Improve thanks to our efficient logistics services

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve your business with us. We offer a wide variety of services, both integrated logistics and in house logistics so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Save time and control your products, at all times you can trace your goods for maximum transparency. Make it work, with us deliveries will be faster.

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Transportes logistic – Aportando valor en la cadena de suministro.

Logistics Operator Barcelona| Transports Montserrat.

Logistics company between Barcelona and Tarragona.

Logistics company in Barcelona with services of storage, distribution, picking, handling, consolidations and national and international transport.

Transports Montserrat is a logistics company in Barcelona, specifically located between Barcelona and Tarragona.

We provide efficient logistics services at every point of the chain, with total traceability so that our customers have maximum control and visibility over their products, supplies, orders and shipments.

Montserrat has located its operational centres in the best communication areas, with access to large consumption centres in the provinces of Barcelona and Tarragona.



  • Since our beginnings 80 years ago, we have adapted to our customers to offer them the best logistics operator services.
  • We have the best operational centers in the main transportation hubs, which allows us to offer a quality and efficient service.
  • We are a company committed to our customers and we are proud to be able to offer them a quality service.
  • We inspire our customers to keep growing and improving, and we are willing to continue being the best option for them.

Thank you for trusting us!