Montserrat offers a wide range of additional services adapted to its customers.

In our different centres in Barcelona and Tarragona, we have specialized teams in the following handling areas and others that our clients may request. We are 100% involved and adapted to the indications and needs of our clients. We offer maximum quality in the preparation for the purpose that your company gets time and cost savings.

  • Copackings.

  • Display cases.

  • Tagged.

  • Reboxed.

  • Repaletizations.

  • Quality controls.

  • Sampling.

  • Returns.

  • Linings of containers, pallets and box wraps.

  • Manual loading and unloading of containers.

  • Palleting and conditioning of merchandise.

Montserrat operates from its own SGA with web access for customers and also integrating itself into our clients’ SGA or ERP to offer maximum visibility and efficiency.

Magatzem logístic Barcelona

Storage and handling of goods in temporary warehouses for national and international transport. | Transports Montserrat.

We offer our customers the best logistics services, with optimal quality systems

Logistic operator of the supply chain.
Experience, resources and qualified personnel for product handling.